Web Designing courses


Web design HTML,CSS,JavaScript

1. What is Web Design (into to web design, DNS, Careers in Web Technologies, Static& Dynamic)

2. Adobe Photoshop(intro, Layers, Filters, Design Banners, Basic Website & Complex website Layout, Conversation of PSD to XHTML, LOGO Design)

3. CorelDraw (intro, Creating Banners, Creating logo, Various Effects)

4. HTML (Introduction, HTML Page Structure, Tags and Elements, Text Formatting, Attributes, Hyperlinks, Box Model, Colors, Fonts, Lists, Creating Layouts, Images, Tables, Navigation, Forms, Miscellaneous)

5. DHTML(DHTML Basic tags)

6. CSS(Introduction, Types of style sheets & Selectors, Complete properties, Converting Table layout to CSS, Custom Layout Design, Creating simple and dropdown menus, Creating Appealing forms, Tips and Tricks with Hacks)

7. Java Script (Client and Server side scripting, Introduction, Types, Variables, operators, loops, Objects, Events and DOM, Common functions of JS, Using JS in Dreamweaver, JS Validations, Implementing Menus, Galleries etc, Introduction to Ajax, Real time Ajax Examples)

8. Bootstrap

9. Concepts of Digital Marketing (SEO)

10. How to Create Website (Client Requirements/Specifications, Creating a concept and layout, Choosing a Color Scheme, Choosing Stock Photography, Texture and Typography, Design a Professional Layout, Conversation of PSD to CSS, Implementing JavaScript)

11. Web Hosting(By FTP)

12. Adobe Dreamweaver(intro to Adobe Dreamweaver, Learning the interface, Defining a Dreamweaver site, Adding Content and Multimedia, Creating user submission forms, Importing a website design, Dynamic Features)

13. Testing and Implementation of website